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February 26, 2018


Every firm wants a perfect logo for their site as it travels across platforms to reach the user! Web masters believe that a logo undoubtedly stimulates organic traffic! Follow the logo trends to be on top of the order!!

Logo trends for 2018

As per the popular proverb “first impression is the best impression”, web masters try to create the home page of their website in the most appealing way to attract their clients. There comes the logo into picture. Apparently, the logo is something to begin with, in the process of creating a firm’s home page. As a logo represents a firm on the social media platforms, visiting cards, brochures, e-pages and so on, it carries tremendous importance in a website’s wellbeing. A catchy and appealing logo can draw millions of eyeballs if everything else falls in place. Facebook and whatsapp are good examples of reigning logo trends.

What are the key aspects that affect the success of a logo? Well they are simple factors!

Catchy: Easy to remember ones catch attention soon. A simple logo which is easy to understand holds good.
Suitable: The logo should match the products and services
Creative: A creative design will be thought provoking
Unique: A common logo gets into routine. An afresh design attracts more
Flexible: The same logo should be applicable for various platforms

Trends keep changing for this logo creation due to its emphasis on a business firm. Negative space, cropped letters, ombre colors were the most successful trends for 2017. Let us find out the 5 latest logo trends for 2018.

1. Appealing colors: A logo draws attention when its color is catchy to eyes. Any color may fade but unique color combinations don’t. A couple of bright colors are easily visible. Ex: Chrome, Firefox, play store

Appealing colors

2. Versatile typography: A creative text in a logo is striking. Split typography in a hand written affect may do wonders for your firm. Clear and chaotic letter formats may also work well for 2018. Ex: Facebook, Google maps

Versatile typography

3. Moving logos: A video inspired 2017 can be stated as an inspiration to moving logos. These animated and GIF versions of logos are the novel dynamics of designers and can extensively trend in 2018.

Moving Logo

4. Geometric creativity: Usage of small geometric shapes creatively showcasing the products and services of your firm can fetch huge clientele. Ex: Dropbox, Swiggy etc.

Geometric Creativity

5. Overlapping letters: The first two letters of your firms name merge asymmetrically to form a unique logo for your website. Ex: Linkedin, WPS office

Overlapping letters

Digital marketing firms have been doing wonders with logo making along with apps as they know the key to successful logo trends. Get a catchy logo and find the real difference in your site’s traffic!!


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