5 latest Online Marketing Trends to pay attention to in 2019


December 26, 2018

Online Marketing

online marketing trends 2019


Marketing has shown substantial growth in the past few years. Making is the first step, but the proper marketing is required every time, in order to reach more people. This is the general idea about marketing. Every year, something new happens in the marketing sector. People are already starting to look around for what is new, which has also caused competition to rise. There are, however, certain facts to keep in mind before going along with the trends. In the year 2018, there were many ways for marketing, be it social media campaigns, ads on YouTube, etc. However, there are some trends that are taking lead, which companies should be aware of.

1. People are not believing what they see in ads, rather they are inclined towards what is heard from others:

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The biggest challenge is that nowadays people tend to listen to others, and thus since they are able to see an example of the results they are getting, they do not want to be the ones who experiment with new products, no matter how good the ads may be. In simple terms, people do not want to be the ones testing it for themselves,  since there would be too much risk involved. However, to some extent, it was controllable since people used to target the source and always gave the idea to their customers about what benefits they can receive from the alternatives. The graph below shows the failure of ad campaigns. Now a days, people are also starting to use ad blockers on their internet and browser, and are not really interested in checking the ads on the internet. This shows that the internet is not usually the place where they would want to see that type of advertisement. It is basically a distraction in their actual work. This, however, does not mean that the ads should be removed completely. There should be visible someplace, but it should be created and demonstrated in a  way that is more relevant and useful for the visitor.

2. Make way for the competition by engaging creativity:

The most important thing you would need to do in order to enhance your creativity is to clear your mind and think of ways you can outsmart your ?

online marketing competitors

In the world of digital communications where people rely on social media for information, be the one who is able to bring out new ideas, in order to use the traditional format of marketing, just in a much cooler way. You can put your customer mailing list to use and send them newsletters, or even publish about your product in the newspapers. You can provide a QR code or a link that will directly take them to your online site, and that is how you can make way for stronger online targeting than your competitors. Make more precise, and less static ads that will engage users and completely mesmerize them by the message you’re trying to convey. A social media agency can certainly assist in such situations by helping produce a creative message about how social media can impact the marketing procedure. There are also many social media platforms for legal brand gain. A lawyer’s social media can help them in marketing their own brand and gaining more clients for their benefits. When it comes to digital marketing, many law firms do not value the importance of social media, which is absolutely understandable. This is because lawyers may think that social media is for those who simply want to show off their lifestyle, whereas considering themselves to be professionals, they would not want to be seen in the same way. Nowadays, people are using live stream, engaging in Q&A sessions, and also maintaining the hype you are trying to market.

3. Make mobile, viewable content:

In order to help make your brand more accessible, it is better to opt for mobile-viewable content, due to people viewing most contents on mobile phones more than any other platform. The statistical picture below shows the extent of use for mobile phones. This information can be beneficial for firms when trying to make use of it for marketing. Social media marketing companies have a competitive spirit and help businesses of all sizes and industries manage their social media accounts, create content and advertise to attract and retain the customers.


Some of the great mobile applications can help in making customers interested in what you have to offer, rather than going for alternatives. Everyone is interested and looking for apps nowadays in order to keep themselves entertained and make life easier. If you are able to make an interesting apl that can keep the user engaged for a while, it would provide them a sense of attachment and they would feel there are people whom they can communicate with, whenever needed. The importance of mobile applications is hugely specified because there are much more easily accessible than a website on a computer. Now, the content shouldn’t be something that is normal, it should be of high quality both in content and looks alike. Headlines should be kept concise and smaller sized images should be used for better-looking web pages. Imagine using Gmail (desktop version) on your mobile phone with the same looks. Needless to say, it will not only make us lose our interest for it, but also force us to find an alternative to read emails on mobile devices on-the-go. People have become so comfortable in their lifestyles that the best way to market a product is to keep it the way they like. Consumers do not want to sit in a coffee shop and open a laptop to see an ad. Even if they do, it is absolutely not because they want to see an ad, so naturally, when an ad pops up, it will be quickly blocked by the viewer and they will most likely skip it for a more important task.

4. Understanding the way your target audience communicates with one another:

Online media communication

With the tremendous evolution of technology, there are some things that have changed as well. This is in reference to the perspective of people towards a certain technique in using the products. Variety has provided them alternatives and also a more clear idea about what they want. This is absolute because only after having so many options they are able to make a distinction between their options and choose one. Customers expect that companies should communicate with them and help them with their needs prior to them expressing a desire for it. So, it is very important to know what your client may want,  and help them in that manner. Communication should be two-way so that the customer is aware of the usage of the product and even the shortcomings of it. The feedback provided by your customers should be dealt with seriously and action should be taken towards making improvements. People are more fascinated with chatbots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. This is because augmented reality and artificial intelligence would help them in choosing the best. Some people have the notion that when something is selected by a robot or manufactured using robots it is the best. This is because robots are examples of perfection. But the truth here is that people tend to have more and more inclination towards humans. All that is needed is just good communication skills and communication with the user about what exactly he is looking for. Communication helps in providing relevant material to people and does not make people feel that they are wasting their time on it.

5. Social media participation:


The craze of marketing has gone so high that nowadays, people come to social media platforms to promote themselves. Social media, being the highest platform for any kind of marketing, has also found its benefits in that. Some of the leading social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp (which is owned by Facebook), WeChat, and Snapchat are few of the vast platforms that are used for providing a base to companies who want to market their products and increase their reach. In this type of marketing, it is important that the publisher provides a personal experience and anticipates the needs of the customer while doing just that. This is because if the customer is unable to connect to the post, they are never going to click the button. Search Engine Optimization is something that aids when people market their product, content, and ads using keywords that help them in this process.

There is absolutely no stopping for technology. Technology has helped people in many ways, but also has not met the required expectations. Technology has given birth to something known as Automation, which has not only proven to be effective but also has given a futuristic touch to technology. Now, no matter how good automation is, if there is a lack of human touch, people tend to feel helpless. A human being can, after all, understand another human being and they feel that nothing else can understand them the same. While automation covers the basic tasks, but when automation fails, there will be nothing and no one coming for rescue except your skills and your trust. Every online marketing channel should focus on that. The ad should be about how people of the company care about the product being used. Even in a lawyer’s social media, it is important for lawyers to share real-life experiences and assure people about the changes that can be brought. There are some people who will have excellent communication in marketing but have their own routine of not following up with customers. Even in online marketing, that practice can be done by allowing post notifications, sending out emails, etc. Improving relationships will help clients stay longer and spend more and more on the trust they create upon them. In this year of 2018, online marketing practices have become more and more widespread and in the coming years might be the only marketing technique. In such a case, doing something out of the box will land you in a place where your voice will be heard.


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