Social Media Campaigns That Will Inspire Marketing Strategies in 2018


February 5, 2018

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Just posting a compelling picture or impressive message is not the key to success of a social media campaign. It is much more than this, which was proved by some social media campaigns in 2017. Check some of the best social media campaigns that will become an inspiration for marketing strategies in 2018.

Creating a successful social media campaign is easier said than done. Sometimes it takes the marketing team weeks to come up with a creative social media campaign that creates a spark immediately.

Throughout the year, all small and big brands keep launching so many social media campaigns to grab the attention of the target audience, but only a few of them get the expected success. These successful social media campaigns then become an example for the industry as well as marketing strategists. In this blog, we will check some of the best social media campaigns of 2017 that will definitely inspire the marketing strategists in 2018.


Heineken #OpenYourWorld

A clear purpose is a key to the success of any marketing campaign. This was further proven true by the huge success of Heineken’s purpose-driven social media campaign #OpenYourWorld.

The campaign was not just to promote the product or brand but to bring people together for a purpose to touch on people’s values.

Creative aspect: The brand experimented with a chatbot to connect people from different backgrounds.

Dom from Domino’s

One of the biggest innovations in social media marketing in 2017 was chatbots. There were only a few companies who could take full advantage of the new feature and one of them was Domino’s.

Creative aspect: Using a robot to order customers a pizza. The chatbot allowed pizza lovers to complete their order through Dom at Facebook Messenger.

#MeToo – Social Movement

This was one of the most successful, viral and global social media discussion campaign started by actress and activist Alyssa Milano. The actress just asked women who suffered sexual harassment to write #MeToo in their status and within two days the hashtag was used over millions of times globally.

Creative aspect: Social media marketing experts believe that organic traffic from social media platforms is dying. But this campaign proved that if the message is strong and powerful, it can still work.

The success of social media campaigns can never be pre-defined as it all depends on how the audience accepts them. However, with some creativity and inspiration from the best social media campaigns , chances of their success can be increased.


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