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February 12, 2018

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We have been deprived of authentic information for various questions in our mind earlier. But Google featured snippets change the previous scenario by offering customized answers for users questions! Explore them!!

Google featured snippets

I still remember the endless doubts I had in my mind when I was a child but most of them went unanswered as my parents weren’t aware of all those concepts for the little though tough questions I had in my mind. Libraries were the sources of information but it was not practical always to reach a library and find the actual book where we can find the information we need. But we are taking things for granted these days as we have extensive information available on the web to clear our questions. Accurate information to the point in seconds of time is the commendable development we have been viewing in the past decade.

Just like we ask a teacher or a mentor a question, we are used to ask Google. If we put a question to the web, it gives a customized answer. When users try to get an answer by asking a question in the Google search, we get our search result in a special block with the summary of answer derived from a web page along with the title of the page, its URL and a link to that page. Is it not amazing to get an instant answer for our question without a person answering it? Doesn’t it remind us of our teacher or a parent answering to the point without having to read an entire book to get a correct answer? Well, this is a Google featured snippet.

If you are curious to know where the answer comes from, to your surprise, the summary is a snippet derived in a programmed manner from what we seen on the web pages. If it is customized or enhanced in a way to ascertain a user’s attention on the result page, is can be considered as a featured snippet. If we identify a query asking a question, we get the answer in an automated manner which is actually programmed to answer the question by presenting the top result in the form of a featured snippet in the search program.

The views of the actual site from which the snippet is derived are reflected in a featured snippet. Google tries extensively to improvise the ability to detect the accurate snippet to increase user friendliness. A feedback column also is equipped to get the unique approaches the users want the snippets to be fit in. An empowerment for the user in the digital world!!


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