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March 5, 2018

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Digitalization has caused huge competition across web based applications. Getting the users’ adulation is tough job and consistently maintaining it for years is a complex task. Instagram has achieved it due to its constant update in features! What’s new!!

Instagram New Features

Instagram app has surprised many with its tremendous reach to users within a short time after launch. The app launched in 2010 has got its roots deeper into the users and is one of the most trending apps globally. It’s a huge success amongst global celebs and is hence immensely popular across the internet using masses throughout the planet. The app’s success is not just because it connected millions of extrovert users but can be owed to the professional team who constantly strive to enhance instagram features. It gets updated periodically with new and alluring features making it user friendly.

Apart from just sharing pictures and videos, this app has got many new features in its kitty. Let’s check on them:

1. Remix pictures: This all new feature enables you scribble on your peers’ pictures. When your friend sends a photo to you, touch the camera icon on the bottom of the picture to answer back. Click a picture and send it back. This feature lets you draw, scribble a text, post some stickers on the picture.

Remix Photos on Instagram

2. Hashtags can be followed now: Hashtag is an interesting element which enables the users find videos, photos and people of specific themes. The basic idea behind this is to let the user find the favorite content in a simple manner. Now, you can find related hashtags displayed in search results. The top posts relevant to a particular hashtag will appear in your search.

instagram hashtags followers

3. Face filters and stickers: You can now enhance an ordinary selfie to turn it appealing with skin tone changes and stickers can help creating fun filled images out of normal pictures. This has been in usage extensively by the netizens across nations and is still going great.

Instagram Face Filters Stickers

4. Send request to join a live video: In addition to running live video streams and including guests in those videos, Instagram features now allow the users to request the guests to join your live video. Earlier, it was possible only to invite those guests who were actively watching in the stream.

Live Video on Instagram

5. Superzoom: You can now record a 3-second video while the camera swiftly zooms on the focused object and the app dramatizes it by adding music to it. You can see the effects such as ‘beats’, ‘bounce’ etc. by tapping on the button.

Instagram Superzoom

Isn’t it all fun? Of course it is!! Instagram promises its users that it will update the app with new features on a continual basis to keep its users glued to it. Explore the new features on the app to make it all the more fun with your friends and favorite celebs!!


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