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February 19, 2018

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SEO has become a topic of debate over years. While some think that the importance of search engine optimization is shrinking there are still people who opine that it is growing. Let’s understand where exactly SEO is going.

In my around 10 years of career, I have heard different opinions of people about SEO. There is no doubt search engine optimization over years has changed drastically. There has been a huge change in the tactics used by the SEO professionals to get the website ranked in search engines. With the increasing changes and updates in Google Algorithms, some people started to think the value of SEO is going down. Opportunity potential for SEO activities has reduced drastically due to Google’s actions, which has discouraged people from investing in it.

Now does this mean SEO is shrinking? Are Google searches increasing or going down? Is Google still paying attention to the organic traffic and offering value to the websites engaged in organic SEO activities?

Let’s dive into some data to find answers to these questions and to understand whether SEO is growing or shrinking.

Search Volume over Last Two Years

Google Search Value

Search volume during holidays and cold weather increased in October-March period in 2017 when compared to the same period in 2016.

In January-October 2017 search volume showed a rise of 13.4% than the same period in 2016, which means 53.59 billion more queries. Based on this, it can be easily said that search is still growing in the US, which means there is still a scope for SEO opportunities.

Organic vs. Paid Clicks

Organic vs. Paid Clicks

To be honest, we are living in a world where SEO opportunity is slightly less when it comes to organic clicks. People are spending blindly on Google AdWords to get paid clicks. Google’s paid traffic is way higher than organic traffic, which makes people think that organic SEO is shrinking over time.


Google organic traffic for mobile is lower than the paid traffic but for the web, it still has the high scope. Marketers just need to figure out how to draw more clicks from search engines by exploring different search engine optimization tactics like right keywords, optimized snippets, result oriented campaigns, innovative content etc.

Organic Search-vs-Paid Search

To get desired results, SEO professionals should be more concerned about the end results and keep a watch on the opportunity they might get any time. Google Algorithm updates are not scary every time. If you follow right SEO practices, this can work as a blessing as well.


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