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February 8, 2018

Web Design

To facilitate millions of users with genuine online content, Google regulates the webmasters’ practices by penalizing unfair content usage. Get out of this hostile situation with penalty removal services!!

Penalty removal services

All my hard work paid off and I started reaping the harvest on my newly ventured start up site with consistently increasing organic views. But this moment was not to last longer as I had to confront a tough situation in no time in the form of Google’s penalty one fine morning for using hidden texts. I realize this might have happened ignorantly in the course of exploring the various SEO practices. Apparently, my site had to lose on many counts such as follows.

• Key word ranking dipped
• Search engine visibility has come down
• Traffic was much less in comparison
• Ultimately, the revenues deteriorated

A huge price for an ignorant mistake!! Before going for the corrective measures, I tried to understand the punishable virtual offences which can cause an outrage to Google.

Algorithms: Using alluring key words which has nothing to do with your business
Cloaking: Programming web pages to fool the Google robot in a way by using more number of key words to keep the site on top
Doorway: Encoding a web page with multiple key words developed for specific searches with Java script to disable Google as it can’t recognize Java
Concealed texts and links: Hiding key words and links by camouflaging the color of texts
Plagiarism: Using the same content on different pages or copying content from other sites

My search for the incorrect practices has made me learn about penalty removal services, a boon in the current situation!! However, I was not sure whether this works for me!! But opted for it having no other option as there was brutal slowdown of the website! A small research on this again made me aware of the following services offered to remove the penalty.

Identifying the reason: Although, the actual reason is understood, an established fact is necessary by a professional to map it with a sequential action

Taking the necessary action: Preparing a pattern to work on the issue from multiple dimensions basing on the facts of the issue in a convincing manner

Filing a review petition with Google: Requesting Google to review the condition in which the malpractice had taken place in order to consider penalty removal

Getting the penalty removed: Google gets convinced with the facts established and removes the penalty

Back to normalcy! They really worked!! The penalty removal services worked for me!! The backlash has catapulted my website to the bottoms and thanks to the incredible services to enable my site come back!! I recommend them!!!


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