Signs Your Law Firm May Need a New Digital Marketing Partner


November 28, 2018

Law firm Marketing

Law Firm Digital Marketing

Law firms suffer from a serious problem which is their unfit digital marketing partner. Some “churn and burn” internet marketing agencies continue to exploit the easy resource in the form of law firms and legal industries. Lack of knowledge about the inside story of “online marketing for lawyers,” makes them a soft target for “the one-eyed man in the land of blinds.” Yes, it’s the amateurs or one-trick pony who accepts the challenge, promising a significant ROI, but does not hit the target because of their unethical practices.

These agencies, operated by self-proclaimed digital experts, or jeweled with fabricated testimonials, weave a web of fake hopes for the price considerably less than the market rate. They keep their pocket getting filled until the clients break their silence, complaining that their results haven’t improved.

The red flag which you ought to notice in the beginning is their cheap call for the sky-high expectation of yours from the law firm online marketing of theirs. Nothing comes cheap, especially when you have wide wishes aligned with the functioning of your business.

You can’t bet a few hundred dollars per month for reaching to the top of the search engines. It’s not a point of mockery, but that amount does not suffice even one keyword ranking; for that amount, someone is framing false strategy on how you can outpace your competitors and skyrocket your conversions within days! If you adhere to their saying, you won’t grasp at a straw until your hair turns gray.

It’s a wake-up call. If the things are not working for you, it’s time to flip the back side of the coin and decide.

Here are the top seven reasons law firms should drop their existing partners and look for a better one:

1. Their process is not transparent

digital marketing process

In the business world, if your partner denies explaining the process of work, it’s the first red flag for your turn back. An internet marketing firm that neglects your strategy request, is a thing of suspicion. Their process could either be engaging in black hat techniques or manipulating search engines for generating fake clicks, and that’s why their implementation seems magician-esque rather the actual results derived out of digital marketing genuine practices.

If a firm does not educate you about its work process using simple words, it won’t make your company a leader—definitely not on this planet. Be skeptical when choosing a firm that sounds misinforming you. Make your agency state what’s running behind the screen so you can judge nothing is black.

2. They don’t reveal the real-time stats

Digital Marketing real time states

Sharing of stats at a regular interval should be done honestly by an authentic marketing agency. Keeping the clients in the loop, advertising agencies should keep a track of campaign performance, trends, additional costs, and budget spent. A survey conducted on the transparency of marketing agencies toward their clients revealed that 48% of benefit seeking firms claimed agencies were not transparent about the expenses, which caused a whopping 34% loss of trust in their agencies.

It further pronounced that a considerable percentage of clients didn’t share the meaningful performance indicators with the agencies. It becomes paramount to keep communication in motion when you deal with business operations. Let your agency know what’s running up and what’s down. It will help you both move in conjugation to excavate significant effects.

3. They follow a one-trick pony style

If the strategy of your agency is centralized around one stream of digital marketing, like social media promotion, ask them to stop the cart running forward. The proof of a versatile digital marketing is that its team incorporates different mindsets, with the ability to execute actions related to all segments of digital channels. If even one pillar of their marketing campaign is weak, the implementation won’t be that effective.

If you have to do your own research to bolster them, for what good that company is? It’s all about an idea a company needs for charting rest of the road. You provide a keyword, like a road accident legal help, and it’s their responsibility to find unearth all means to accomplish that task. Remember, if you don’t do it in the first place, your competitor will acquire your position. It’s great to arrange all things in the beginning so that no hurdles stop you from accelerating.

4. Your agency keeps targets postponing

digital marketing targets

Once you get done with the requirement meeting, it’s on an agency’s shoulders to take care of the rest. After the settlement of the payment and everything sketched for scheduled dates, it’s agency’s priority to fulfill the promises. Often, customers find agencies postponing the target. The result they promise to showcase in a set timeframe doesn’t appear the case come true.

If your goal does not hit the milestones in the time limit, of what importance that agency is if it couldn’t bring growth to your organization? If the first hearing goes unheard and the online marketing firm keeps framing excuses after excuses, it’s time to let them teach a lesson. A loyal company makes the adjustments in achieving the milestones to make the final goal attain in the sworn time.

5. No strategic Consultation

digital Consultation

The sign of a professional marketing agency is its ownership for the job undertaken. It answers to your queries and provides consultations to keep you doubt free. It anchors meeting now and then to balance your expectations and their outcomes. The scheduled meetings keep you both in harmony, to generate favorable results. If a sudden change appears in your business, the agency needs to adapt to the modification.

For every little change, an agency maintains a lookout to detect the new customer sign up, product launch, procedures, and events analyzation. For greater ROI, an agency got to have your audience understood from you so it can devise plan accordingly. If an agency finds out that certain thing is not working out, it should immediately inform you about the failure, so you can assist them what alternative would work. If you find such things not working in your favor, it’s time that your law firm may need a new digital marketing partner.

6. Their charges have reduced suddenly

digital marketing cost

Often, marketing agencies run untimely discounts. But, in case you smell anything fishy like an agency is doing so to hide its failure, make your way out. If a deal gets settled for X amount, why there emerges a need to avail unannounced cut in the price. It could be either running a promotion or offering less for a revised rate. To get the exact scene, knowing the results are not in favor, you can opt for a switch instead of clinging up with the existing party to ruin your expectation.

To get the value until the last of your penny, stick to what was the contract signed for, but not for the new upcoming that appears cheap. By this, they will allure you to feel thankful to them, but, in fact, they somehow make a hole in your pocket, stealing the worth you could get for the payment already made.

7. Neglect the downfall and don’t feel sorry for your loss

Digital Marketing loss

Few companies blame customers for the collapse in the business growth. You’re sure you have made not even a single fault; however, the concerning company insists on declaring you the culprit, it’s likely that they’re doing so on purpose to vent out their failure.

In fact, the case should be the opposite. It’s you who should have the power to dominate their hokum and speak against such fabricated charge. In the beginning, they show you their sheep’s face but later, when the time comes to display improvement, they strip their original color to turn into a wolf. If you find your marketing partner showing any behavior of such a kind, collect your money and take a sharp U-turn.

8. They strictly stick to their self-devised formulae

 real time stats

Sticking hard to one’s own set of rules create tension between a client and a marketer. It happens with a firm that continues to bypassing the client’s suggestion before its pack up occurs unknowingly. It happens so because it’s obvious. A marketing agency needs to adhere to the insights provided by a specific client. If change is not accepted, a marketing agency will mostly wish to stay in shallow water, scared to embrace innovations and challenges.

Not fitting to the pressure is the pattern of a corpse. If someone doesn’t know how to adapt, even supreme power itself can’t guarantee its survival. The same case exists with the digital sphere where an internet marketing firm must hear what suggestions and guidelines a customer has to offer, to last long in the competition.

It’s not all about patience but power to welcome change!

Draw a number line and rank your digital marketing agency partner, taking 1 as the weakest and 10 as the outstanding. Agencies that fall between 7 to 10 are okay to go, and these can retrace their path shortly. The companies that rank in between 5 and 7, needs an alert. You should keep communicating with them to keep the flow at a pace.

If your agency gets a poor score of below 5, you have the reason to ask them why it’s happening, and what’s causing their work run so slow. Their answers may vary widely, but excuses are easily detectable. You don’t need to activate your sixth sense to declare them suspect. It comes from experience. If anything seems fuzzy or doubtful, fire them and select the next best in the business.


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