Local SEO Things Every Business Need to Know in 2018-19


February 24, 2018

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If you are still under the misconception that local search engine optimization is just to get found in your service area, this is the time you need to wake up. In this mobile world, local SEO is not limited just for locals anymore.

Local SEO Services

If you are engaged in search engine optimization or other digital marketing tactics, you must be aware that local search engine optimization is a strategy used by the small businesses to get found in their service areas. SEO companies use different strategies like listing on business directories, to help the businesses reach customers based on location.

But in this mobile world, the definition of local search engine optimization has also expanded. If you still think that it is just to draw the attention of local customers, you need to think again.

If implemented well by the experts, local SEO can help even the small companies outperform large-scale organizations. If you run a business in different areas, it is essential for you to implement a solid local SEO strategy to not just searchers find your location but also to beat the competition in that region.

Let’s check how local search engine optimization is important even for the businesses that are not location based.

Rise of mobile search

Today, when more than half the searches are performed on smartphones on-the-go and Google is also using the location of the user to provide them with the most specific results; it has got important for the businesses to invest in local SEO. In such a situation, chances of your business getting found by the customers not looking for a location-based business increase when you have used right local marketing strategies.
Now the question is “how to optimize your website for local search engine optimization even when you are not running a location-based business?”

Google Mobile Search

Here are some tips to help you:

• Include complete name, address and phone number in the footer of your website as well as on all other platforms wherever you list the business like social media sites, citation pages, directories etc.

• Create unique landing pages for local service areas with all the details a user needs to make the final decision

• Ask your happy customers about reviews

Mobile Search Tips

If done wisely, all the things mentioned here will enhance the chances of your business appearing on Google in 2018. A local search engine optimization strategy, if placed well can work wonders for your business.


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