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January 2, 2019

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Lawyers Content Marketing

Content marketing is probably the most efficient and traditional way to get a high rank on the search results of various search engines, improve search engine indexing, as well as drive both web and foot traffic very conveniently. Content marketing is also the ultimate go-to option for firms looking to turn web visits into leads and sales. Developing a brilliant website stuffed with eye-catching images, attractive videos, and a sharply thought out design is not enough to ensure user engagement and improve organic search visibility. Producing and publishing relevant, interactive and engaging content on a regular basis is key.

Content marketing for law firms is not something that is traditionally prioritized, since top legal firms are always too busy to invest on material, as well as intellectual resources for planning out effective content marketing strategies. Since commercials and billboards are the most common marketing strategies for legal firms, many firms do not understand the importance of publishing relevant content on their websites. This leads them to hire incompetent employees who are neither adequately capable, nor equipped to produce consistent and quality content. It is a fact that the production of quality content requires an investment of both time and money, which may not be readily available to medium-sized legal firms. However, making that investment in hiring people from a good content marketing agency could act in their favor by freeing up other ‘marketing-strategy-planning’ time, and by generating more money through content marketing.

The core importance of a lawyer’s content marketing is generally targeted at the acquisition and retention of the target audiences and customers. There are too many legal websites swarming all over the internet with outdated keyword-stuffed pages. As of 2018, it has become mandatory for legal firms to update their websites and upgrade their content marketing strategies in order to drive adequate traffic and conversions. Listed below are a few important and trending aspects that the law firms need to work on in order to improve their content marketing approaches.

1. Mobile-ready Content:

mobile ready contentSince lawyer’s content marketing is a part of marketing that essentially works with the help of SEO, E-mail marketing, and social media marketing, producing and delivering mobile-friendly content can be instrumental in the long-term success of a law firm. It is estimated that by 2020, smartphones will make up at least 50% of all global devices that are being used by the teeming masses, and that by 2018 at least 75% of the world population will access social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. from a mobile device. Keeping these estimations in mind, producing mobile-friendly content is the need of the hour.

2. Employing Native Advertising:

lawyers native-advertisingFor the uninitiated, native advertising is the material that is found in an online publication which is paid for by an advertiser, and resembles the publication’s editorial content. In today’s digitalized era, people are often found turning a blind eye to traditional advertisements, such as banner ads. The same happens in case of the traditional advertisements that are published by law firms. To control the damage done to the publicity of the legal firm by the banner ads, native advertisements have become an important part of content marketing for law firms. To humanize the content marketing strategies and make a lasting impact on customers, it is only wise to seek help and assistance from a good content marketing agency.

3. Social Media Marketing:

lawyers social-media

With almost more than half the global population active on at least one of the many social media platforms, social media marketing is the most effective way to catch the attention of audiences on a global scale. Apart from a great marketing strategy, social media tools like Facebooks, Instagram, Twitter, etc. also provide great platforms to communicate and keep in touch with the clients easily and in a more convenient way. A law firm’s social media presence will not only validate its presence, but will also help customers access or connect with the law firm on the go, or remotely from anywhere. Social media marketing is one of the most important lawyer’s content marketing strategies in the legal industry, as well as the most sought-after way of marketing for the content marketing agencies that are there.

4. Employing Influencer Marketing:

Employing-Influencer-MarketingInfluencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy that employs either celebrities or other influential people who the common masses mostly look up to, to back the product that is to be marketed. Influencer marketing also thrives upon user reviews and feedbacks that the customers leave after buying or using a product. It is estimated that almost 84% of the customers who shop online trust online reviews, just as much as they rely upon personal recommendations. To attract more and more clients into making appointments with the lawyers of a particular firm, it is important that the former clients post positive reviews and ratings about the firm, online. Influencer marketing provides a legal firm with much greater chances of connecting with millennial customers, forming stronger and global connections, as well as building deeper trust with customers worldwide.

5. Automatic Marketing Strategies:

lawyers marketing-strategy

Marketing automation is the strategy of making certain actions automated in order to save time and energy, as well as intellectual and material resources. There are many software platforms, tools and technologies available that are designed to aid in content marketing for law firms. This helps in improving both overall marketing efforts, as well as marketing efficiency. It is estimated that companies have enjoyed as much as 451% of an increase in their qualified leads upon using marketing automation to nurture their day to day leads.

Most of the traditional marketing strategies such as billboards, etc. are based on fulfilling the short-term goals of a firm. Although there is nothing wrong with the traditional approach of marketing as long as positive ROI is being noticed, however, these traditional marketing strategies only work fine with short-term goals. In order to achieve long-term goals, employing important inbound marketing strategies such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. are essential. According to marketing experts, there is nothing worth the money’s value than content marketing. Law firms, by employing full-fledged content marketing, influence more areas than what reaches the eye. Attracting new traffic of audiences, building reputation on a global scale, encouraging trust and faith in the lawyers of the legal firm, influencing conversions, making an entirely separate stream of revenue, etc. are the few of the many positive effects that content marketing has on legal firms, which employ this form of marketing as their prime marketing strategy.

Another extremely important upside of content marketing for legal firms is that quality content is evergreen. It lasts forever. Trendy and new content sure needs to be produced and published regularly, but certain contents that are created around the main principles or objectives of the law firms will always be relevant to use whenever and wherever. That is, unless the law firm takes the content down, changes its set of objectives or changes the URL, every piece of original content that is being published on the website counts as valuable web real estate that is ever permanent. Although the guests are not entirely under the firm’s control, yet every new URL is actually another URL that can be indexed or be found visible in organic searches.

As said by marketing experts, content marketing is more like compound interest. For example, if a firm publishes about eight posts in a month, it will get 96 content pieces worth of results. Now if even on the second year the firm continues to employ the same content marketing strategies and post eight pieces of original and engaging content per month, the firm will have 192 pieces of content as its worth result. The more people see a firm’s name due to the number of contents published by that firm on the internet; the more they will get familiar with the firm and approach them as their first option while selecting which legal agency to seek advice from.

As the world is changing every passing moment, so is the need and requirement for trendy and new content. With the advent of new trends and strategies, video content marketing is now slowly starting to take over written content. No matter the type of content, content marketing is the ultimate go-to solution for legal firms to be successful, even in the long term. The sooner a firm invests in improving its content marketing strategies, the sooner they will be able to start seeing the benefits and profits they are aiming for. For firms who have no such content marketing strategies, it is a high time that they incorporate one. Be it the backbone or serving as a bottom-line, content marketing will always work towards the benefit of the firm.


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