PERM Advertising

PERM Advertising

To get a PERM certified involves many arduous steps –the main step being the recruitment campaign. Working as paralegals with some of the largest immigration law firms in the U.S. catering to fortune 500 companies with high service level agreements, our paralegals have gathered first-hand experience with PERM advertising companies. With the high work load and a huge demand for attention to detail, following up with your advertising agency to receive an ad that should have already been sent to you adds one more step to your already packed day. Our paralegals have had their shares of struggles with advertising agencies, and know exactly what an immigration firm needs for the process to run smoothly.

Our paralegals often felt frustrated with the lack of work ethic and discipline in when and how they received the ads. They often wished the other side was more knowledgeable in the process of the PERM recruitment and understood the importance of why the legal teams need the ads on a timely manner consistently.

We, at Webfume, understand the time-sensitive nature of this business and the importance in saving the paralegals time. Therefore, we will always forward you an electronic version of the ad instantly with the ability to Ctl+F to find your ad easily. In addition, we will highlight your job order, the newspaper title and the date for you, so all the legal team needs to do is print and include in the audit pack. We completely understand the paralegal’s preference on how to receive their ads so that their jobs can be made easier. We have incorporated all of the time saving steps that in consultation with our paralegals to make this process an easy and smooth one for your legal teams.

We want to give you the confidence that you are in good hands by knowing that our paralegals have worked on the PERM side for years and that we will review your ads through our paralegal lens to ensure that inconsistencies are caught before hand and that all of the PERM requirements are met.

With our user-friendly and time-friendly system, we promise you a smooth process without any issues or delays so that you can focus on the more important things on your side.

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