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Here’s a little bit about us…

We are a few marketing freaks and enthusiasts working together to assist businesses to be seen by their prospective clients online. We can help your business by creating incredible possibilities through our result-driven online marketing strategies, specifically designed for business.

Especially, if you’ve just started your business and want to generate immediate leads, strategic PPC advertising for online businesses will be a great way to go.
Our law firm PPC strategies are well-researched and designed specifically to fit in the exact goals and plans of your business by targeting bottom of the funnel keywords and acquiring leads seamlessly.
We ensure that your PPC campaign is not just running, rather its producing a solid ROI. We do consistent conversion tracking, parallel organic marketing, and landing page optimization for a sure-shot success!

Choose one or take them all!

We have many, but you can always choose one or more

Search Ads

Search Ads appear on the top of search results right when people search for the services you offer.

Search advertising allows you to reach your specifically targeted audiences by understanding their search intent and showing up your ad for the relevant searches!

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads follow your previous visitors and appear to them as they browse other websites.

These Ads help you to keep your brand on top of the mind of your impending people and entice them to come back.

Display Ads

Display advertising incorporates text, logos, and images placed on a website or search engine.

Banner ads or rich media such as images, audio, and videos that communicate an advertising message for your business are more likely to be in the sight of impending people.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads show up within other streaming videos on YouTube before, during, or after they’re finished and some other related video gets started.

You only need to pay when someone engages with your ad, and if a viewer skips it before it’s over, you don’t pay for that video ad playing!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads helps your business to reach over two billion Facebook users globally, based on their location, demographics, interests, and more.

If rightly run, these ads can prove out to be of high potential in representing your business to your specific audiences!

Our Process

That’s how we make Ads


We Have Plans That Best-Fit Your Needs


$350 per month

Up to 3 Campaigns

Up to 30 Ad Groups

Up to 300 Keywords

Your existing landing pages(s)

Your display banner ad(s)

Monthly review & strategy calls

$295 one-time account setup


$550 per month

Up to 10 Campaigns

Up to 100 Ad Groups

Up to 1000 Keywords

2 custom landing pages

2 custom display banner ads

Bi-weekly review & strategy calls

$495 one-time account setup


$850 per month

Up to 15 Campaigns

Up to 150 Ad Groups

Up to 1500 Keywords

5 custom landing pages

5 custom display banner ads

Weekly review & strategy calls

$795 one-time account setup

That's right from our clients

We're glad to hear just as and how they said it

  • I'm getting so much business since you’ve started with my PPC ads! Thank you, team Webfume!

    Brayden Wilson
  • PPC is so good for my business, never knew an ad campaign could be so fruitful!

    Hazel Davis
  • Cheers, Zee! Got many leads through your work!

    John Brown

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Every business blooms when chosen by the right people, and for that it seriously needs to be in sight of these impending people, we’re here to help you out!

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